Zoom Goblin


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Well well well. So you're peeping the goblin and wondering.. hmmm is this my true love? My baby fo' life? My religion? The answer to existence? Welp the answer to all your questions is YES. Stop living a sad existence and step your ass up to the goblin life. Made to haul ass and cruise super sexy style. This bad bitch gets in VERY early and goes like hell on a tricycle. No issues with using a goblin in every condition 1-8ft steep to fatty. The channels give that extra grip, drive, and hot damn they are beauties. So stop thinking and order your true love now. Ride it 2” shorter than your height to 1ft past the top of your dome. Longer = more cruise. I prefer mine 6’6” and I am 6’4”. 

Rocker: flat with extra curve in tail because of channels 
Rails: thick boyz
Bottom contours: deep single to double with channels and V off tail.
Fins: TWIN, thruster, quad
Skill level: "I suck" all the way to "I do not suck"

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