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Combine the speed of the Mystic Jelly with the control of the Dolphin Racer V3 and you have the Mantarave - the perfect balance between the two. The overall rocker is low and staged providing lots of surface area under the front foot for inherent speed. A full length channel adss to the speed and grip while the bat tail adds connection to the face of the wave. The last 12” of the tail is very straight, adding drive off the bottom and enhancing the ability to draw clean lines. Combining the channel and the sharp connecting edge of the tail gives you a healthy balance of grip and drive on rail while maintaining a manageable amount of “skatey” feel. This is a great all around critter for those looking for a lot of natural speed with medium performance characteristics in waves 1-4ft.


Fins: Twin or Quad
Rocker: Staged low
Concave: Deep single with double through tail and V off tail combined with full length channel for speed and grip
Waves: 1-4 ft
Level: Advanced Beginner - Pro

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