Zoom Flying Seal

Flying Seal

Say howdy to the Flying Seal!! This Critter is the kissin' cousin to the catfish! They share a strong genetic bond and love for each other built on SPEED SPEED SPEED!  There's no swallow tail here though, just a big ol' wide tail to grenerate speed on soft days and go way faster than light on bigger waves! The DEEP channels provide control and drive, helping keep that wide tail in check while increasing the rail line rocker.
You can ride it short for skateboard feels or longer for cruising. 

Rocker: low low
Rails: medium
Concaves: deep single concave into extremely deep channels with double concave
Fins: quad, thruster, twin
Level: all skill levels
Waves: loves small and fat waves but if you'd like to haul on bigger waves it'll most definitely do that too:)

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