Zoom Gnarwhal


The Gnarwhal is soooooo sleek looking and that’s exactly how it rides!! Great for easy flow and trimming and will handle overhead surf like a champ! This is the board you want if you’re charging those big ones. Made for early take offs, speed, and long, drawn out bottom and top turns. Put on your dancin' shoes and prepare for fame, fortune, and fireworks! The Gnarwhal is definitely an eye catcher. 

Fins: Single, 2+1, Thruster, Quad, Twin… recommended in that order
       1. Pin tail: Lots of hold and drive
       2. Small Diamond tail: Extra speed
Concave: Deep single w/ slight double and V off tail
Rocker: Low
Rails: Medium/Full
Waves: 1-8
Level: Everyone can ride this critter, but on the bigger days this one is for the Pros

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