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Mystic Jelly


Whether you are new to surfing or have been doing it since birth, this is the board for you! Pure fun and ridiculous amounts of speed packed into a stubby little critter.

V1.The full outline, low rocker with a bit of kick in the tail, deep single-to-double concave with V off tail plus a medium rail all equal SPEEEEEEDDDD! If you come from a skateboard background this board will feel very natural when ridden 8-14 inches shorter than your normal shortboard. (Seriously, we’re all 5'11ft - 6’3"ft tall and ride them at 4’11" and they are amazing… even in overhead surf.) There's always a smile on your face if you’re on a mystic! 

Fins: Twin or Quad
       1.Square: Very fast and very loose 
       2.Diamond: Faster than moon with more control than square
       3.Moon: More hold and drive
Concave: Single to double with v
Rocker: Low with little kick in tail
Rails: Medium
Waves: 1-4
Level: Tailored to Beginners at longer lengths, intermediate and pro in very short lengths

V2. With a curvier outline and increased tail rocker this is a performance oriented version of the v.1 that caters to those with a more aggressive style and approach!

Fins: Twin or Quad
       1. Square: Faster and Looser
       2. Diamond: Faster than moon with more control than square
       3. Moon: More hold and drive
Concave: Single to double with v
Rocker: Low with kick in tail
Rails: Medium
Waves: 1-4
Level: Everyone

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