Zoom The Ultimate Thruster (18+)

The Ultimate Thruster (18+)

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Haven't been able to find the perfect board to scratch that jock itch? Had a long week and in need of some self lovin'? The tubes are hollow and this rocket has been waiting patiently in its sheath all week, ready for blast off. When you straddle the ultimate thruster you'll understand that it was built for your pleasure, as the ride of your life vibrates between your legs. Feel glorious stimulation inside and out as you come into barrel after barrel, on a one way thrust train to tube town. Sure, another brand's board could make your day, but we guarantee this board will make your hole weak.

Skill level: This board is Hard XXX 18+ (not recommended for children)
Rocker: Varies per board but each new curve brings an exciting ride.
Sizing: It's not about the size of the board, it's about the motion of the ocean
Waves: loves tubes, big and small

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