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VENOM falls right between the cosmic seal and the trusty mermaid. Tons of paddle power and ability to handle big waves with more maneuverability. Meant to be ridden with extra float for early entry and giving the ability to draw your turns out and get further out on the wave face without slowing down. The hips, in the tail, allow for a greater release point when pushing your turns while the round pin tail and our favorite quad channels give extra hold, speed, and drive. If you are looking for a smooth and fast feeling that allows you to have more style and flow, that can still be pushed when needed, then the VENOM is all you!

Rocker: staged low medium.
Concaves:deep single to deep quad channel In tail within double concave
Fins: quad, twin, thruster, 5 fin
Waves: loves bigger waves but goes great in small if ridden with extra volume.
Level: intermediate to advanced



5’7” x 19” x 2.3” - 27.3 L
5’9” x 19.25” x 2.4” - 29.2 L
5’11” x 19.5”’x 2.5” - 31.8 L
6’1” x 19.75” x 2.6” - 34.4 L
6’3” x 20” x 2.65” - 36 L


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